Dear Editor,

South Carolina has one of the highest eviction rates in the United States, at 8.9%. The cost of living is steadily increasing as our economy expands, yet the average working wage is unwavering. In our capital city, there are an estimated five families for every one affordable housing unit. Families have been displaced and lives are being interrupted by the cycle of financial hardship. The lack of affordable and safe housing in our state is at the center of these issues. It is devastating and should be addressed to ensure our community continues to thrive for all. 

As a Realtor® and resident of Columbia, I am excited to announce that the South Carolina REALTORS® (SCR) are launching a project called the South Carolina Good Life Initiative that will focus on promoting quality of life standards for all South Carolinians. 

The project is designed to ensure that South Carolina maintains responsible growth as well as a safe, clean state that we all can call home. SCR is committed to promoting the standard of living that South Carolinians are used to and want to keep. With our specialized knowledge and resources, we are eager to help South Carolinians in the pursuit of fair housing arrangements.  

Our project focuses on the economy, education, safety, population growth and much more. SCR is taking on the challenge of being at the forefront of all conversations surrounding expansion, and general livability in South Carolina; we’re here to help residents of Columbia voice their concerns. For more information, visit or email


Charles Caughman
South Carolina REALTORS®