Dear Editor:

Most of South Carolina has experienced significant economic growth within the past five years and with growth comes a higher cost of living. Though the expansion of large corporations into South Carolina has enhanced the economy, it has also been a life-altering event for many South Carolinians. Across our state, residents are struggling to make ends meet as they search for affordable housing; they’re working multiple jobs to afford the average monthly rent. 

Right here in Beaufort, affordable housing is sparse. The average home price is approximately $259,000, but the average yearly income is $26,350; the average Beaufort resident cannot afford to purchase a home in Beaufort. Because of this, many residents rent, but recently renters have complained that their affordable housing units are in unlivable conditions.

In response to rapid economic growth and the affordable housing crisis, the South Carolina REALTORS® have launched the South Carolina Good Life Initiative. The project is designed to focus on the features that will give residents a good life while living in South Carolina. SC REALTORS® is willing to lead the conversations that will ultimately help sustain the quality of life that we are used to in South Carolina. 

Through the S.C. Good Life Initiative, we will focus on the economy, education, safety, population growth and much more. SCR is accepting the challenge of helping the community address expansion, and general livability in South Carolina. For more information, visit or email


Philip Nagley
South Carolina REALTORS®