Dear Editor,

Aiken has always been a small town. However, with an influx of new businesses over past decades and subsequently a growth in population, many residents are concerned with changes that impact their quality of life. 

South Carolina REALTORS® has launched the South Carolina Good Life Initiative to promote the standard of living that Aiken and the rest of the state are used to and want to keep. We recognize growing concerns across the state surrounding quality of life and feel it is our duty to help advance people’s interests in these areas.

Growth in Aiken has led to an increased need to improve infrastructure, particularly on the busy Whiskey Road corridor, and has raised concerns about the small town feel. However, there is much to be said about the positives of a flourishing town. Aiken’s size, despite steady growth, has not changed drastically. Meanwhile, we are seeing great additions to the town that are stimulating the economy in many ways. The success of the economy allows for infrastructure projects to take flight and traffic improvements to begin.

Through partnerships with our communities in Aiken, SC REALTORS® will work to ensure standards continue to be met and help advocate for improvements that are crucial for a good life in South Carolina, including addressing issues around growth as well as other concerns, such as education and public safety. 

We encourage community members to reach out to us with concerns and suggestions regarding their quality of life. For more information, please visit or email


Julie Whitesell
South Carolina REALTORS®